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Prevent home heating fires with these tips from the pros

Nov 27 2017 As the temperature drops, home fire risk rises. It just makes sense. While cooking fires are the leading cause of residential fires, heating-related fires come in second place and peak in the month of January.... more

The Importance Of Back-Seat Safety Belt Use

Nov 16 2017 The last time you used a taxi, a ride-hailing service or jumped in the backseat of a friend’s car, did you buckle up? If you did, good for you, but you are in the minority. Four out of 5 adults surveyed by... more

Fire up that snowblower - don't wait until the first storm hits!

Nov 14 2017 Some of us had our first snowfall of the season yesterday ... OK, depending on where you live, it was only a few wimpy flakes. But take it as Mother Nature’s gentle advance warning: Winter is on it’s way – get... more


Nov 10 2017 On Veterans Day, we owe a debt of deep gratitude to all military service members, past and present, for their service to our country. Thank you! There are many events this weekend offering tribute to our... more

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill

Nov 6 2017 It’s easy to lower your insurance costs - especially if you have a great driving record, or don’t mind having higher deductibles. Who doesn’t want to pay less for car insurance? Billions of dollars are spent... more

Do you need some out-of-this-world insurance?

Nov 3 2017 You can insure against almost any adverse event. In prior posts, we’ve talked about celebrities insuring body parts and people insuring some rather unusual objects and special collections. But here’s one that... more


Nov 2 2017 Snow Plow Season has begun in Massachusetts and New England - The Blizzard of 2010 officially made Monday a “snow day” for many Massachusetts and New England residents. Thankfully, schools were closed which... more

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Nov 1 2017 One of the most certain things in life is uncertainty. Your dog could bite the neighbor’s kid. Your teen driver could hit a cyclist. A guest could fall down your stairs. A rainy morning commute on worn-out... more

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