Reduce Auto Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers

from Gammons Insurance Agency Inc.

Nov 11, 2014

Do you have a teenager in your home that’s about to become a driver? Adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy can get expensive fast – car insurance providers know that teenagers are more likely to get distracted while driving, and cause an accident. That’s why insurance providers increase your premium so much when you add a teenager to your policy.

You’re probably wondering how you can lower your vehicle’s auto insurance quotes when your son or daughter are added to your car insurance. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that as much money as possible stays in your wallet, and isn’t wasted on excessive insurance premiums. Each insurance provider is different, but most offer discounts if you do the following three things:

Make sure that your teenager gets good grades.

Depending on the insurance provider that you use, you could get a discount of up to a third of your additional premium if your son or daughter is considered a “good student.” This typically means that they have a certain GPA or a place on the honor roll, and can provide a copy of a recent report card to their insurance agent. To find out how much you could save on your auto insurance quotes, just call and talk to your insurance agent.

Enroll your teenager in Driver’s Ed or a safe driving course.

Having passed a Safe Driving or Driver’s Ed course means that your teenager knows the basic rules of the road, and has been instructed in safe driving practices by a licensed professional. Because of this, most insurance providers will offer teenagers a premium discount if they have successfully completed one of these courses. Check with your insurance agent to find out exactly what kind of courses your insurance provider offers discounts for – not every provider will accept every course, so make sure that your teen takes a course that will be accepted.

Have them drive a safe and sturdy car.

A huge factor in the amount of auto insurance quotes for any driver is the type of car that you (or your teenager) drive. As much as your child begs and pleads for a brand new sporty coupe, resist the urge to get them what they want, and instead get them what they need: a reliable and safe car that will protect them on the road.

You may want to call Gammons Insurance Agency at 508-947-3460 to ask exactly what type of car would be best. While some insurance providers give preferential rates to cars that have stood the test of time, others would rather insure slightly newer cars with all of the safety bells and whistles, like advanced airbags, antilock brakes, and all-wheel drive. We will be able to point you in the right direction with what kind of car would give you the best auto insurance quotes.

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