Massachusetts Earthquake Insurance

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Oct 15, 2014

It is always important to be prepared for everything. Insurance is designed to help you prepare for the worst. Home insurance offers you the coverage you need in a number of situations, but it does not cover you in the event of an earthquake. While you may not live in an area that is susceptible to earthquakes, you can never rule out anything when it comes to weather. Having earthquake insurance can keep you protected in the event that an earthquake was to occur and damage your Massachusetts home.

When you cannot rely on your homeowners insurance for an earthquake, what can you do? Obtain earthquake insurance for your home today and prepare you, your home, and your family. An earthquake comes in many shapes and sizes and it is sometimes difficult to predict exactly how bad they will be. While you may not think you need the coverage, it is better to be prepared than to later wish that you had coverage.

Earthquakes have taken place in Massachusetts before and most likely will again in the future. Take a look at some interesting facts:

On October 24, 1965 a moderate earthquake shook things up on Nantucket Island. While no large scale damage took place, there was damage to many people’s possessions in their home.
In 2003, there was an earthquake of a 3.6 magnitude felt near the coast in July.
Earthquake coverage can help you pay for the damage to your home and possessions in the event of an earthquake. Keep the amount it would take to repair or replace your home and the items inside your home when deciding on the coverage you need for your earthquake insurance policy. If you have specialty items inside your home, it is also a good idea to get coverage for those items, such as jewelry insurance or antiques insurance. This coverage can help keep your most important things protected, beyond the basic homeowners insurance coverage, which has limitations. Don’t forget to also ask about discounts for which you may be eligible!

Having the right agent to help you through the process can also make this decision easier. Call our office today at 508-947-3460 or fill out our online form and contact us to figure out your specific needs for your earthquake insurance quote.

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