5 Moving Tips You Have Never Heard

from Gammons Insurance Agency Inc.

Aug 06, 2014

Make Arrangements for Items that You Don’t Want

In most moves, people have several items that they no longer want or need. If this is the case with your move, you need to make sure to start working on getting rid of these items in advance of your move. List your items to sell online, hold a yard sale, give it to a friend, or have a charity come to pick up your items for free.

Save on Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Instead of running to the local hardware store for a car full of packing materials, you should first use the materials that you have around your home. When packing your valuables, consider using sheets, towels, and clothing.

For example, when packing breakable glassware, you can use clean socks and towels to ensure that they have plenty of packing. Make sure that you also label the box they are in as “Fragile” so that you know not to put another heavy box on top of it in the moving process.

Also, don’t forget to take advantages of the boxes that you already have in your home. Don’t stack up all your hampers – use them to transport the important items with you in your car on moving day!

Use a Labeling System

When moving, it is common to label boxes with either the room the box belongs to, or a short list of its contents. In fact, boxes should be labeled with both. Labeling with the room will tell your movers where the box needs to go when you reach your new place, and labeling with the contents ensures that you won’t be dazed and confused in a forest of boxes labeled “Bedroom” or “Kitchen” without a clue where to begin.

In addition, it might be helpful to use a color coding system. Buy a few rolls of duct tape in different colors. It will be easy to see from a distance which boxes go in the kitchen, for example, if each ‘kitchen’ box has a large strip of neon green tape on it.

Have These Supplies on Hand

Don’t put yourself behind the 8-ball by forgetting some of the most essential (and most forgotten) moving supplies – zip top baggies, permanent markers, and cellophane tape. These three items together give you a system for all of the little pieces that you will find yourself with when you disassemble some of your things.

If you end up with loose screws after taking apart a desk, for example, put the screws in a zip top bag, label them, and then either keep all of your baggies in a central location or tape the baggie to the item that it came from – in this case, a leg of the desk. That way, the little items that you need will be at your fingertips when you’re ready to reassemble after your move.

For Large Items, Hire Movers

In some cases, people move with the help of their friends. As an insurance agency, though, we have a piece of advice for you: If you can afford it, it is worth hiring professional movers for your large and heavy items. Why, you may ask? Well, movers are trained in how to properly lift these items, so they are less likely to injure themselves than your buddies. Also, movers typically come with their own insurance – unlike your friends, where the expenses of an injury on your property may fall on your home or renters insurance policy’s liability coverage.

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