Your Teenagers and Their Phone

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Jul 10, 2014

Ever wonder how your teenager can spend hours staring at their phone? There are so many new apps to be downloaded. They can become addicting and time consuming. Besides texting, here are some other things your teen may be doing while on the phone.

Instagram: Instagram is an app that can be downloaded on most smart phones. It allows you to post pictures with filters and a caption. Then, your followers can “like” or comment on your pictures. The more people you follow, the easier it is to get lost scrolling through your feed. It’s a fun way to see what your friends are doing through pictures.

Twitter: Twitter lets you post 140 character thoughts with or without pictures. Most teens have twitters in order to keep up with friends, as well as world news. At my school, my principal and almost all of my teachers have Twitter accounts. It is a fast and easy way to communicate with them, and very helpful with last minute questions regarding schoolwork.

Vine: Vine is very similar to Instagram, but instead of posting pictures, you post 6- second videos. There are people who have become vine famous for their hilarious or inspiring videos. The “explore” page of vine allows you to see many different categories of videos, like comedy, fashion, food, etc. Whether it be a “bad lip reading” of a music video, an adorable video of a puppy, or a joke about Miley, it is easy to become addicted watching vine after vine.

Wanelo: Wanelo (which stands for Want Need Love), is online shopping heaven for every teenage girl. It is a compilation of clothes, dresses, jewlery, and other knick knacks from stores all over the internet. You make a profile that allows you to favorite everything you see that you want, need, or love. It also has links to the stores that the product comes from, so you can buy it if you really fall in love.

Snapchat: If you ever see anybody in public making ridiculous faces at their phone, there’s a good chance they’re snapchatting. Snapchat is a way to send 1 to 10 second pictures to somebody else, or to your “snapchat story” for all your friends to see. It is an entertaining way to send funny pictures to your friends without them staying permanently on your phone.

Next time your teen is glued to their phone, you will have a little more insight as to what they’re looking at. These apps can be extremely addicting, and it can be easy to lose track of time when scrolling through each one! If you would like to see more popular apps that you or your teen may be interested in, search the top charts in the app store of your smart phone.

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