5 Car Apps For Your Smartphone

from Gammons Insurance Agency Inc.

May 15, 2014

Most people can’t live without their smartphone nowadays. What’s wonderful about them is that they do so much more than just making calls – in fact, they can improve just about every facet of your life. In this post, we want to share some of the apps available on most smartphones that can make your life on the road more bearable:

Gas Buddy (Free)
Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Gas Buddy is your all-in-one stop for everything you could ever want to know about gas prices. Just check out their data about gas prices in the Boston area – it will give you the current average price in Massachusetts (as well as all of the surrounding states), as well as record highs and 12 month low prices.

If you download the app on your smartphone, you will have instant access to the Gas Buddy database. This means that you will always be able to find the cheapest gas near you. They also allow you to earn points and gives you a chance to win $100 worth of gas every day!

Repair Pal (Free)
Available for iOS and Android

Keeping track of the services that have been performed on your car can be a hassle. Not with this app, though! Named Edmunds.com’s Automotive App of the week, New York Times App of the Week, and Huffington Post’s “Best Money Saving App,” Repair Pal offers repair and service estimates, repair shop recommendations, and can even keep track of your car’s repair history.

Car Minder Plus ($2.99) or aCar (Free)
Car Minder available for iOS, aCar for Android

These apps will help you keep track of many data points relative to your vehicle. While these apps are slightly different, they both offer one very important feature: service reminders. Just input your vehicle’s recommended service schedule into the app, and it will let you know when to schedule an appointment with your mechanic of choice. Both also offer tracking for fuel economy.

Car Parker ($1.00)
Available for Android

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your vehicle? That won’t be a problem when you use this app! It logs your car’s location via GPS so that you can navigate to it easily in the future. It can also keep track of how long you’ve got left on your meter, and can send your Android phone notifications when your meter is about to expire.

Witness Driving ($0.99)
Available for iOS and Android

Dash Cams are all the rage in Russia right now. They bear witness to all sorts of accidents, and were also the main source of footage for a meteor back in early 2013. Russians find these dash cams very useful in proving who was at fault in an auto accident, and now you can use this app to do the same!

Having video footage in an accident isn’t necessary, but it could be a big help when you file a car insurance claim. If you need to talk to a Vargas and Vargas Insurance agent after an accident, we recommend that you gather as much information as you can about the accident, including the other driver’s insurance information, as well as pictures of the damage.

Do you have any other “must have” car apps for your phone? We would love to hear about them on our Gammons Insurance Agency Facebook Page!

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