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Mar 28, 2014

Wedding Nightmares

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Fallen BrideWeddings are often a year or more in the making. We discuss the stressors and some help.

It is very common for brides to have nightmares about an impending wedding. When there’s so much on your plate, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by stress, and to have those stressors invade your dreams. Here is a list of the most common calamities that brides say make them wake up in a cold sweat:

Showing Up Late – You show up to the venue, only to find out that you’re too late! You had the time wrong, and all of your friends and family have already left.

Missing Dress – After agonizing over the perfect dress, it is nowhere to be found. Now you have to decide whether you’re going to walk down the aisle naked, or wear your horrible prom dress from high school. Eek!

Fashion Disaster – In this dream, your dress is fine – until something terrible happens. Maybe your Maid of Honor spills coffee on it, or your wedding planner accidentally steps on it and rips it into several pieces.

Flower Failure – Somehow, your florist didn’t understand you when you said that you hate peonies, and now you have a bouquet full of them! Would it be better to walk down the aisle holding flower from the grocery store down the road?

Bad Hair Day – Instead of the perfect up-do, you find that all of your hair has fallen out, or been dyed neon green. Photoshop can work wonders on wedding photos, but can it fix this?

Uncooperative Assistants – If you’re having a toddler or a pet as a part of your wedding party, you will probably worry about their behavior during the ceremony.

No-Show Vendor – Unfortunately, this isn’t just a nightmare – it can be a real problem at a wedding. Would you be ready if one of your vendors didn’t show?

Loosing Teeth – Dreams about having teeth fall out or rot aren’t just a problem for brides. Many people have these types of dreams. They are a common sign of stress and fear of failure.

Forgetting the Rings – The ring ceremony is a huge part of the wedding, so forgetting the rings (or losing them) would put a big wrench in the plans.

Unplanned or Boring Reception – Your reception will likely be the only time that all of your family and friends will all be together, and you want it to be a rockin’ party! This is why some brides have nightmares about boring and lifeless receptions.

Cake Calamity – Your cake is supposed to be one of the centerpieces at your reception, so it would really be a shame if something happened to it. Some brides dream about the caterer dropping it, or someone bumping into the cake table and knocking it over.

Having ‘Too Much’ Fun – There’s definitely such a thing as ‘too much fun,’ especially when it comes to alcohol. Having some champagne and a beer while you dance the night away is totally fine, but some brides take it a few steps too far in their dreams, leading to sickness, and even having to postpone the honeymoon!

It may be impossible to stop the wedding nightmares completely, but you can alleviate some of your wedding stress with a Wedding Insurance policy from Gammons Insurance Agency! Just call 508-947-3460 and ask about a policy that can cover you in all of your “worst-case” wedding scenarios.

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