Landlords Insurance Protection

from Gammons Insurance Agency Inc.

Jan 29, 2014

Coverage for your Property:
If your property is being occupied by a tenant, you can’t rely on your home insurance policy to protect your property. A Landlord’s insurance policy will cover the physical structure of your rental property, as well as other structures (such as sheds or garages) on your land.

Protection in case of Loss of Income:
If a catastrophe were to happen that rendered your property uninhabitable, how would you make up for your loss of income? With this coverage from your rental property insurance, you don’t need to worry about a loss of rental income for uninhabitable properties. Your insurance policy will help cover the difference in your income while your property is repaired or replaced.

Liability Protection:
Take a second to imagine all of the potential ways that one of your tenants (or one of their guests) could injure themselves on your property… Scary, isn’t it?

There’s always a chance that you could be held liable for a situation, including:
• Tenant or Guest Injury on Property
• Environmental Hazards (Lead Paint, Mold, Bedbugs, etc.)
• Injury due to Tenant’s Dog

These situations are examples of why it is so important to make sure that your landlord’s insurance will protect you against these types of liability issues. In addition, some insurance policies will provide additional coverage for liability issues including wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, libel, slander, and more.

Legal Expense Coverage:
When a rental agreement is entered into, both sides have rights. When either a landlord’s rights or a tenant’s rights are infringed upon, a dispute is sometimes unavoidable. If this is ever the case for you and your tenants, your insurance policy will typically cover some (if not all) of the legal fees associated with resolving the disagreement.

Need Additional Protection?
In order to make sure that our landlords are fully protected, Gammons Insurance can customize your rental property or condo insurance policy to fit your unique needs. When you call 508-947-3460 to get a quote, ask about additional coverage, such as coverage for signage, trees, and plants on your property, coverage for any temporary repairs made after an incident, coverage for your property, including tools and furniture, and more.

Remember – if you rent out your property, homeowner’s insurance isn’t enough. Talk to Gammons Insurance Agency today about customizing a landlord’s insurance policy that will protect your property and your rental income.

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