5 Habits That Ruin Your Car

from Gammons Insurance Agency Inc.

Nov 08, 2013

Bad habits can make your car die hard. Whether you have recently bought a new car or you are trying to get the most of your old car, here are some things NOT to do. We all have our bad habits when it comes to our car, maybe you have 5 empty water bottles rolling around (like I do) or maybe you can never seem to get it to the car wash. These five habits can ruin your car’s value and no one wants that. Read up, and keep this things in mind so that when it comes time to turn in or sell your car you will be happy you broke these habits.

1.Dirt can hurt. Salt and sand in the winter, and even bird poop can wear away at your car’s finish. Try to wash your car (inside and out) every two weeks and get a full detail job done four times a year.

2.Adding and customizing your car. Adding things to your vehicle, especially anything that takes away from the car

3.Hitting the road running with your new car. The dealership won’t hand over a guide to breaking in your new vehicle, but the truth is that going easy on the gas and break at first will help your car in the long run.

4.Not keep your records. This can help prove the work that has been done and the condition of your vehicle when you sell it. This is especially true if you end up doing a private sale.

5.Non-reliable service from strangers which may save you money at first, but eventually you may end up paying even more.

Not having enough coverage on your car insurance may not be a habit, but it can put you in a really bad spot if you were to get into an accident or something were to happen to your car. Check up on your auto insurance to make sure you have coverage you need. Give us a call and we can review your policy with you, check your limits, and maybe even find a way to save you some money. What are you waiting for?

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