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Sep 27 2013 I’ll take this 70 degree weather throughout the whole winter and you won’t hear me complain about missing out on snow. That is the difference between me and someone that owns a snowmobile. No matter where you... more

10 Commandments of Insurance

Sep 24 2013 1. Thou shalt not miss a payment There are so many payment options available, including electronic payments, that an insurance payment should never be missed. If you miss a payment, your policy may be canceled.... more


Sep 18 2013 Better be prepared with car insurance before you buy your car and drive it off the lot. But finding the right car insurance coverage is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are many parts to the policy and many... more

Price check: Time to reassess your valuables

Sep 16 2013 The standard homeowners policy coverage on jewelry and certain other valuables is covered to around $2,500 per category, according to the Insurance Information Institute. So if your home is burglarized and... more

How to Keep Intruders Out of Your Home

Sep 12 2013 - Home security is essential for every house. You don't want to make it easy for a thief to break into your house and steal all of your valuables. On the bright side if a burglary does happen you have... more

Insurance Myth's

Sep 11 2013 Here's just one of many insurance myths: "My landlord's insurance policy covers me if I'm a renter." Reality: A landlord's policy covers the landlord's building and personal liability, not yours. A renter's... more

Back to School Safety Reminders

Sep 6 2013 The end of summer in Massachusetts means many things, such as cooler weather, shorter days and ... the start of football! But most important, it means kids are headed back to school. And that means we all... more

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